Software Development

In a world where software development is constantly in flux and continually being reinvented, we are a solid, stable and flexible partner capable of engaging with clients on any number of levels, from mobile solutions to fully outsourced game development. We offer our clients with the highest quality product and services at a price point that always beats the cost of doing it in-house.

  •  Website Development
  •  Application Development
  •  Content Management
  •  Game Development

Information Technology

IT generically refers to various kinds of computer-related work, but what exactly does our IT department do? We manage to solve all kind of web/database hosting, network delivery as well as hardware maintenance issues. On top of that, our team offers project-based management to ensure timely delivery of high quality service.

  •  Web Hosting
  •  Network Deliverables
  •  Database Hosting
  •  Hardware Maintenance

Digital Marketing

The best products may not be those generating buzzes. Digital marketing team complements our services by providing technical knowledge in digital solutions alongside market research. Our consultants have practical experiences with search and marketing engineering as well as social media marketing to help our clients place their products where it makes noises among the right audiences.

  •  Digital Advertising
  •  Searching Engine Marketing
  •  Social Media Marketing

Art & Design

'Design is thinking made visual.' – Saul Bass. Our art & design team are a group of Storytellers and Problem-solvers. They stand for design that communicates, excites and appeals to emotion. Our aim is to help elevate clients’ potential through smart ideas, creating quality products and graphics to solve problems in both innovative and functional way.

  •  Computer Graphics
  •  UI Design
  •  Graphic Design